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  • API Bottom Load Valve with PTFE Seals no Sight
  • Internal E - Valves
  • Kamvalok® Couplers & Repair Kits (OPW1711RKL-0020)

    OPW Kamvalok®, Dixon Bayco Bayloc™ and Bayonet, Mann Tek Bayonet, Emco Wheaton Dry-Break™ and Banjo Dry Mates style Dry Disconnect couplers and adapters and parts for all.

    We also handle PT Coupling Maxi-Dry couplers and adapters. Please contact our Parts Department for more info.

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    We distribute valves of all types, including actuated ball and butterfly valves, sliding valves, all style valves for tank vehicles, storage tank valves, etc. Please contact our Parts Department for any valves not included in our on-line catalog.

  • ContiTech Petroleum Gasoline Drop Hose Assembly (GOOINF3X10MF)

    Hose for all applications including Chemical, Petroleum, Fuel Oil Delivery, Gasoline Drop, Gasoline Dispensing, Air and Water, Material Handling, Vapor Recovery, Hot Tar and Asphalt, Steam, Power Washer, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Cement, LPG and more - In Rubber, Stainless Braided, PTFE Lined and Composite. Manufactured by ContiTech Veyance, U.S. Hose Corp., Senior Flexonics, Parker Titan, Precision Hose and others.

    ContiTech hose products were formerly offered by Veyance Technology, the exclusive manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered products.

    Hose in bulk, cut and coupled by air banding, external crimping to 4" ID and internal expanding. Hydrostatic testing, tagging and certification available.

    Please contact our Parts Department for any hose requirement you might have.

  • Static Grounding Reels

    Hannay Static Grounding Reels and Hose Reel Packages for DEF; Fuels; Air; Water; Lubes; Grease; Hydraulics; and Live Cable.

    We are a full line Hannay Hose Reel dealer. Please contact our Parts Department for information on Hannay reels for any application.

  • Stainless Quick Disconnects Cam and Groove

    We distribute hose fittings from PT Coupling; Dixon Bayco; OPW; Banjo Corp; and Campbell Fittings for every type of application. We stock an extensive variety of materials and configurations of fittings for hose and industrial use. We offer both domestic and import items. Hose Banding and Clamps along with the tools to install them. Identification equipment for hose and other applications available here, also.

    If you don't see what you need, please contact our Parts Department.

  • TCS-700-Meter

    LC Meter and Total Controls Positive Displacement Truck and Industrial Meters

    Neptune Truck Meters; Banjo Polypropylene Mag Meters

    Custom Tank Truck Service Pump and Meter Carts


  • 2 in Flanged Pump with Aluminum Gasket

    Roper and Blackmer Truck and Industrial Gear Reduction Pumps for all types of fluids

    Banjo Centrifugal Pumps in Polypropylene, Stainless Steel and Iron

    Pump and Meter Carts custom built by Tank Truck Service


  • Nozzle 1 in., 1 1/2 in., 1-1/2 in. Less Tube

    EBW Fuel Delivery; OPW Fuel Delivery, Automatic Bulk, Truck Stop and DEF; M. Carder Automatic, Bulk and DEF; Dixon Bayco and Scully Ball Nozzles; Banjo Poly Drumming Nozzles; Utility Nozzles and Parts for all.

  • Top Clean Out Threaded Cast Iron Morrison Line Strainers

    Morrison Brothers and PT Coupling Iron and Aluminum Line Stainers; Banjo Poly Strainers; Dixon Suction and Wafer Strainers; Girard Cone Strainer and Parts for All 

  • Dixon Swivels

    We are a full-line dealer for OPW and Dixon Swivel Joints. Please contact our Parts Department for information on items not in the catalog.

  • Betts TTMA Flange Gaskets (Cork/Buna, Non-Asbestos)

    NOTE - ALLEGHENY COUPLING is changing pricing, however, they are unable to give us a price list. We have to place an order and wait for the acknowledgement, or ask them each and every time we require an item to find out what the price will be. So, please place your order with the prices listed and we will contact you if the pricing has changed before we process the order. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hardware for Hose Stop

    There are currently no product on sale. Please request information for more detail.

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