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  • Bottom Clean Out Flanged Ductile Iron Morrison Line Strainers

    Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Aluminum line strainers, both threaded and flanged styles with top-clean-out or bottom-clean-out strainer screens.

  • PT WYE Strainer

    Aluminum and Ductile Iron FNPT Wye and Tee Line Strainers and Parts

    Note: Order Screens Separately

  • Dixon Plated Steel Round Hole Suction Strainers (Standard)

    Standard and Thin style suction strainers in plated steel.

    Stainless Steel and larger sizes available, please contact our Parts Department for more information.

    Need to get suction closer to bottom of tank? Call us, we can make that happen.

  • PT Coupling Stainless Steel/Aluminum Wafer Strainers

    Aluminum and Stainless Steel Wafer Strainers

    Spins into bottom of Female NPT thread to protect equipment from large contaminants. Standard hole size is 1/4".

  • Stainless Girard Equipment Cone Strainer

    When You're Buying Girard Parts, Make Sure You're Getting Girard Parts.

    Installs into a 3 opening (i.e. quick connect female, 3" x 3" adapter) and prevents large objects from entering the cargo pump's intake line. The cone-shaped design allows the strainer to be filled with 75% of material before restricting flow. Standard stainless steel screens are available in number 6 mesh.

    Number 50 and number 100 mesh are also available, upon request.

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