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  • Centeron Radar Monitor

    Centeron Wireless Tank Level Monitoring Equipment; OPW and Morrison Level Gauges and Alarms; Derrick and Tank Tape Gauging Reels; Wood and Fiberglass Gauge Poles and Water Detection Pastes.

  • Internal E - Valves

    Morrison Brothers Internal and External Style Above Ground Tank Emergency Valves, also known as fire valves, available in brass and ductile iron, threaded and flanged, Viton-® and Teflon® trim. Other sizes and styles available. Please contact our Parts Department for more information.

  • Morrison Bros Threaded Swing Check Valves

    Morrison Brothers Brass and Ductile Iron Horizontal Swing Check Valves in threaded and flanged styles;

    Jomar Bronze Horizontal only and Bronze Industrial 'Wye' pattern Horizontal or Vertical Swing Check Valves in threaded and sweat solder styles.

  • Slide Sleeve Arms

    OPW Loading Rack Overfill Monitors - Optic, Thermistor or Load Anywhere and Ground Verification Monitors; OPW and Dixon Bayco Cordsets and Plugs.

    OPW Slide Sleeve Loading Arms, API Couplers, Loading Valves.

    We are a full-line OPW Engineered Systems and Dixon Bayco Distributor. Please contact our Parts Department for items not listed.

  • Storage Tank Vents

    Morrison 155 Vent - Double Outlet

    Aluminum T-style vent used primarily on small fuel oil storage tanks. Outlet ports on either side of the inlet with 20 mesh stainless steel screen keeps debris out of the airway.

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