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  • Brass Vent Plug Hydraulic Pump

    Betts Hydraulic Pumps, Chemical Valves, Hydraulic System Items, Hydrolet and Manifold Valves, Girard Pressure and Vacuum Vents, Cleanout Caps, and Parts for All.

  • API Bottom Load Valve with PTFE Seals no Sight

    API Loading Valves and Adapters; Air Brake Interlock Valves; Repair Parts.

  • Emco Wheaton Cable Operated Emergency Valves

    Betts, Civacon, and Emco Wheaton Mechanical and Air Operatoed Tank Truck Emergency Valves, Accessories and Parts; Morrison Bros. Mechanical Emergency Valve Operators and Parts, Fusible Links and Cable.

  • Manhole 20 in. Offset PAF 406 Zinc

    Betts DOT and Non-DOT manholes, domelids and parts. We are a full line Betts distributor. Please call our parts department for any Betts items you may not see on our website.

  • Betts Vapor Recovery Air Vents

    Betts and Civacon Vapor Vents, Vent Hoods and Parts; Bayco Vapor Valves and Vapor Caps; EBW and Bayco Air Brake Interlock Valves and Parts.

  • Checkmate Retain / Overfill Monitor

    Dixon Bayco Flotech overfill monitoring equipment includes complete systems and individual monitors, sockets, probes, grounding, testers, etc. We also stock Civacon Liberty and Scully items. Please contact our Parts Department for more info.

  • Nozzle 1 in., 1 1/2 in., 1-1/2 in. Less Tube

    EBW Fuel Delivery; OPW Fuel Delivery, Automatic Bulk, Truck Stop and DEF; M. Carder Automatic, Bulk and DEF; Dixon Bayco and Scully Ball Nozzles; Banjo Poly Drumming Nozzles; Utility Nozzles and Parts for all.

  • Betts Steel & Stainless Steel Sliding Gate Valves (Flanged x Male National Pipe Thread)

    Liquid and Dry Bulk Valves for Tank Vehicles and Industrial Applications

    • Betts Industries Wet-R-Dri TTMA Pattern Butterfly, Sliding Gate and Hand Wheel Gate Valves
    • Civacon HBV Hybrid Butterfly Valves
    • Ultraflo Dry Bulk Butterfly Valves
    • Dixon Bayco Composite Dry Bulk Butterfly Valves
    • NVE Bronze Lever and Piston Valves for Vacuum Trucks
    • Jomar Industrial Air Actuated Butterfly Valves
    • Parts for most listed

  • Product Delivery Elbows

    Straight Drop, Co-Axial and Vapor Delivery Elbows from PT Coupling, Civacon and Dixon Bayco. Parts for all lines plus Emco Wheaton Delivery Elbows. Also, an adapter to switch side seal (Marathon Fittings) to top seal style.

  • Civacon Manifold Dual

    CivaFlo™ Air-Operated Product Manifold Parts, and CivaControl™ Air Control Panels and Parts.

    CivaFlo™ Air-Operated Product Manifolds, and the CivaControl™ Air Control Panel by Civacon for Straight Pump Trucks, help improve the quality, productivity and safety of your metered delivery operation. Available in both Single Valve for One Pump, and Dual Valve for Two Pump applications.
    Click on the pdf download to see all parts sections of Civacon Manifolds and Air Control Panels

  • Sight Glass Aluminum

    Aluminum flanged and solid acrylic TTMA sight glasses for standard fuels and bio-diesel; Special fabricated cam and groove sight glass assemblies; Vacuum truck sight eyes and parts.

  • Duo-Flip Placard Signs/Digits w/Misc 9 Sign

    We are a 'Master' distributor for Labelmaster products, and we have several of our own custom made decals and identification products. Please contact our parts department if you don't find what you are looking for.

  • Flare Kits

    Triangular Flare Kits; Gloves; Sorbent Items, Aluminum Folding Ladders

  • Pinlock only 3PT Stainless Steel Keyed Cabinet Door Locks

    Toolboxes; Door Latches; Springs; Hinges; Hose Tube Doors; Parts for all.

  • Dry Bulk Trailer Equipment

    Manholes; Butterfly Valves; Swing Check Valves; Hopper Tees; Relief Valves; Sight Glasses; Repair Parts for all.

  • 9 & 12 ft Fold-N-Lock Gauge Stick

    One Piece and Folding* Wood Gauge Poles, plus Fiberglass Gauge Poles for measuring levels in tanks or drums.

    'NEW' Ragless Gauge Stick Squeege and Wipers - See Downloadable Flier on Right

    Water and Gas finding pastes.
    *All folding sticks ship via standard UPS

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