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  • Maintenance Kit

    Blackmer, Roper and Banjo Pump Repair Parts and parts breakdown pdf files for most

  • 2 in Flanged Pump with Aluminum Gasket

    Roper and Blackmer standard and special PTO driven pumps for Petroleum; Asphalt, Tars and Sealcoat; Chemicals; Waste Oils

  • Hydraulic Driven Truck Pumps

    Roper Hydraulic Drive Iron and Stainless Steel Truck Pumps
    Roper pumps for Hot Tar and Seal Coat configured by Tank Truck Service
    Roper and Blackmer Hydraulic Pump Adapters and Parts
    Blackmer Hydrive Hydraulic Coolers
    Hydraulic Motors for Roper and Blackmer Pumps

  • Blackmer Electric Motor Driven Pumps

    Blackmer GX Series and Roper GHB Series positive displacement pumps

    Banjo Centrifugal Pumps

  • Blackmer STX2A-DEF

    Blackmer Standard and DEF Stainless Steel Pumps. Hydraulic Adapters and Electrically Driven Options are Available. Please contact our parts department for more information.

  • SPS 3 inch Vane System

    Safety Pump Systems (SPS) pump systems by PT Coupling Co. offer a safe, simple driver friendly interface that improves driver safety and protects the environment. Our systems mount to pumps from leading manufacturers creating an engineered pump system. SPS systems are easy to install and operate. We do not manufacture the pump.

    A wide range of pump system configurations are possible by selecting optional fittings for the inlet and outlet ports of the pumps valve system.

  • Smart-Kart 1572

    WEIGHTS & MEASURES  With the TCS meter-equipped units, the Smart-Kart can be used for resale in the USA and Canada. (Requires Air Eliminator & Ticket Printer Options.)

    VARIABLE VISCOSITY  Handle products of differing viscosities with a single Smart-Kart.

    INTELLIGENT DESIGN  Automatically maximize flow rate without causing circuit breakers to trip.

    PORTABLE & COMPACT  Move around facilities or customer sites thanks to the compact mobile design and heavy-duty pneumatic tires.

  • Pump/Meter Carts

    Tank Truck Service & Sales, Inc. can build custom pump/meter carts to your specifications. These units are heavy duty tools that will last for years because we engineer them with the same care and quality that our truck tanks are known for.

    Available with a variety of pump and meter manufacturers such as Liquid Control or Total Control meters; Roper, Blackmer, Banjo or other pump styles.

    We will engineer the right system for your application, be it lubricants, chemicals, fuels, DEF, calcium chloride, etc.. We can build carts for tank truck and trailer loading and unloading at higher speeds while allowing manual or electronic Variable Speed Motor Drive slowdown for drumming.

    Basically, we can build anything you want.

  • Blackmer LPG Truck Pumps

    Blackmer LPG Truck Pumps

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