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  • ContiTech Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Dispensing

    Urea tanks will be standard equipment for most new diesel trucks, buses, cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs) manufactured in the United States after Jan. 1, 2010. An automotive grade of urea will be injected into the vehicles' exhaust stream to "scrub" nitrogen oxide (NOx) from the diesel exhaust.

    ContiTech DEF Dispensing Hose is specifically designed to convey the aqueous urea solution 32 (AUS 32), a clear 32.5% nitrogen solution of high-purity urea in demineralized water.

    Note: ContiTech Fabchem™ chemical hose can be used for DEF and is available in many sizes. Find it in our Chemical Hose category.

    Note: All Hoses Formerly by Goodyear are now Manufactured by ContiTech

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