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  • Betts Fuse Link Emergency Valve Part

    Heavy duty fusible cable links are designed to attach the cable to the emergency valve cable lever arm and to provide thermal activation at the emergency valve. Fusible element melts at not more than 250ºF, releasing the cable tension and allowing the emergency valve to close. Uses same non-slip, adjustable cable attachment as on Betts operators.

  • TTS Fuse Link Emergency Valve Part

    Standard Fusible Link with 2 holes. 160º melt.

  • Emco Wheaton Fuse Link Emergency Valve Parts

    Lever shown in picture is for Emco Wheaton 240 obsolete series mechanical emergency valves and is no longer available. Fusible parts work for all Emco Wheaton Non 7000 series mechanical emergency valves.

  • Morrison Bros Fuse Link Emergency Valve Parts

    Fusible hardware for Morrison Brothers Mechanical Emergency Valves

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