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  • Slide Sleeve Arms

    Shipping Note - All Slide Sleeve loading arms listed below qualify for free freight to the contiguos 48 states.

    Listed arms are unassembled. Please contact us for assembled arm pricing.
    The slide sleeve type of arm incorporates a slide sleeve assembly that telescopes in and out to adjust for variations in the distance from the loading rack to the hauling vehicle. It is used primarily in small bulk plants and terminals for top loading gasoline, fuel oil, or other petroleum products. This durable, dependable and cost effective loading arm is time tested as a practical method of locating the drop tube accurately and easily. The slide sleeve is a medium duty unit designed for flow rates up to 15 ft/sec (4.5 m/sec). Higher flow rates may tend to push the inner tube out beyond the loading point.

  • API Couplers

    The 1004D3 and 1004D4 are the standards in "drip-less" bottom loading couplers and a proven performer at major oil terminals worldwide. They mate with all 4" bottom loading adapters built in accordance with API RP-1004 requirements to significantly reduce liquid loss at disconnect.

    The 1004D3 is a manually locking unit and the 1004D4 is an automatically spring locking unit.

  • Bayco 5500 API Coupler

    Dixon Bayco 5500 Series API valves are manufacured to API standard API RP-1004, which allows for positive connection to API valves such as the Dixon Bayco 5204 series. 356 T6 aluminum hard coat body, aluminum handle, stainless steel hardware, FKM GFLT (Std.) seals. Other seals available, contact our parts department.

    NOTE: 5300 and 5400 series API couplers are obsolete. Parts remain available.

  • Loading Valves

    OPW Engineered Systems Loading Valves are designed to shut off the flow without causing damaging shock in the pipeline. Pipeline shock, or "hammer," causes problems with pipe joints and instruments in the line. Fast, shockless closing is assured by use of an adjustable needle valve, and a dashpot. Air cannot be trapped in the valve so the valve does not open after closure. This variable closure rate controls shock with minimum afterflow. Loading valves are available in several styles to fill almost any liquid transfer requirement where versatility and ease of operation are desired.

    The 6400 series horizontal loading valve, made in cast aluminum, is "soft closing" in order to reduce line shock. The valve connections are tank-truck (TTMA) flanges. The sturdy valve has a "deadman" feature that requires the operator to hold the handle in the open position while loading. The trim inside the body is stainless steel, which means this valve can be used for a variety of chemicals and fuels. Available seals are Buna-N, Ethylene Propylene or Fluorocarbon for versatility in handling a wide range of fluids within the parameters of the body and trim limits. Available in 3" and 4" sizes.

  • OPW3644 Swivel

    OPW 3644 Slide Sleeve Drop Tube Swivels incorporate a built-on handle to facilitate top loading of tank vessels. Available in Fabricated Steel, Fabricated Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. Female NPT, 150# Flanged and TTMA Flanged styles available.

    Tank Truck Service is a full-line distributor for OPW Engineered Systems. Please contact us for any items you do not see.

    Swivel Joint Repair Kits are in the Industrial Swivel Joints section of our catalog.

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