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  • OPW Loading Rack Overfill Monitoring

    Opti-Therm Rack Monitors. The OPW Opti-Therm rack monitors are used to automatically recognize the type of overfill system (optic or thermistor signal technology) that is being used on a transport. When connected to the transport, the monitor checks the status of sensors within tanks or compartments. Overfill detection systems such as the 8460 provide automatic warning of product overfill detection at predetermined levels and warn of a pending overfill condition.

  • Ground Verification & 8130 Series Optic Rack Monitors

    The OPW 8130 Series Optic Rack Monitor can be used with up to eight compatible optic liquid-level sensors or onboard monitors to monitor the status of liquid in transports or other storage tanks.

    The 8130 Series uses industry standard optic signal format. A unique pulsed and intrinsically safe electrical signal is generated by the control panel and transmitted to the sensors via a coiled cord and optic format plug.

    Explosion-proof Optic Monitor with status lights and by pass switch and ground verification. On the 8130, the overfill detection and ground verification are signaled to the pump control system separately.

  • Ground Verification & 8130 Series Optic Rack Monitors

    The OPW model 8030 Ground Verification Monitor is compatible with today's transport ground systems. The monitor has a 5 amperage, 240 volt relay output for control of terminal automation systems (TAS) or pump control devices when used as a stand-alone system. The monitor is equipped to provide a permissive signal to allow load rack operation and, if ground is lost, to indicate a non-permissive signal and shut down the loading operation.

  • OPW plug and cord with Jct Box

    OPW brand plugs and cords are used with junction boxes to connect the overfill detection monitor to the tank transport at the terminal. Basically, there are two types of systems: optic (blue, 6-pin) and thermistor (green, 8-pin).

  • Bayco Blue Rack Cords

    • FT600 and FT620 are compatible with API thermistor and optic configurations.
    • Cord is available in coiled or straight lengths.
    • Cord features a heavy highly visible safety orange jacket to meet trip hazard requirements.
    • Cord is bonded mechanically and has superior abrasion and oil resistance.
    • Cord sets are interchangeable with Scully and Civacon.
    • Plug body is made from reinforced nylon and is color coded optic blue or thermistor green.
    • Button contacts are made from 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion or galling.
    • All other hardware is stainless steel.
    • All wiring is compatible with standard Scully color codes and wiring number configurations.
    • The 9 pin conductor is shielded to be compatible with Scully VIP system.

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