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  • Sight Glass Aluminum

    Designed to be a drop in replacement for the one-piece acrylic sight glass used behind the API load head. Rugged aluminum construction is more durable than the single piece acrylic doughnut commonly used. The cast aluminum design is suited to rough over the road trucking and load rack service. Replacement sight glass is a fraction of the cost of the one-piece design. Rated for 150 PSI hydrostatic pressure at 70 ºF. Large 4 3/8 I.D. for use with tank truck flanged butterfly valves.

    • Compatible with all Gasolines and Diesels; up to E100 Ethanol and B100 Biofuels
    • Strong and lightweight
    • Allows for visual identification of the fuel grade prior to opening the valve
    • Works with tank truck flanged butterfly valves found on gasoline tankers
    • 1 3/4" width replaces acrylic doughnut sightglass
    • Flange gaskets are no longer supplied, a retaining ring and machined lip hold the acrylic tube in place.

  • Sight Glass Acrylic Flanged

    3" and 4" TTMA Sight Glasses, both aluminum flanged and solid acrylic in standard and Bio-Deisel compatible versions.

  • TTS Sight Glasses Petroleum Truck

    M x F Aluminum TTMA Flanged Kamlocks with Acrylic Sight Glass Bolted Between - Non-Asbestos Gaskets. Assembly with Solid Acrylic Glass is Rated at 50 psi. Please contact our Parts Department for other configurations.

  • sight glass assy nve

    Plastic Sight Eyes in 2, 3 and 5 inch sizes, alumimun, steel and stainless weld collars, and parts for all.

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