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  • Checkmate Retain / Overfill Systems

    Complete installation systems for 3, 4 and 5 compartment trailers/truck tanks. Overfill and Overfill/Retain.

  • Checkmate Retain / Overfill Monitor

    Includes Monitors and replacement Modules.

  • Thermo-Optic Sensors

    Optic and Thermistor probes and holders, 2 wire white and black, red and black, and 5 wire. 7" and 12" lengths. Other lengths available.

  • Ground Hog Ball

    When using the FloTech trailer mounted ground ball the trailer cannot be loaded unless the terminal ground is directly connected to the ground ball.

  • Cables



    Cables are color matched to commonly used overfill systems and have a tough, thick outer jacket resistant to oil, UV and abrasion. For watertight cable/sensor connections apply FloTech brand strain/relief sealing glands.

  • Bayco Flotech Truck Tester with Leads

    Scully and Bayco FloTech Universal Truck Testers.

  • Scully ID Module

    For Connection To The Vehicle Identification Prover® (V.I.P.®) System
    Scully and Bayco FloTech

    T.I.M. Description
    The T.I.M. is basically an industrial computer chip which stores a unique serial number.

  • Bayco TIM Chip Reader

    The model FT530 Trailer Identification Module (T.I.M.) reader is designed to read and test Scully type T.I.M. modules mounted inside API compatible overfill sockets.

    • Reads Scully type T.I.M. modules
    • Backlit LCD display
    • Solid aluminum construction
    • Interchangeable optic or thermistor J-slot screws
    • 5 year battery minimum depending on use

  • Thermistor Socket & Conversion Kit
  • Thermistor Dummy

    Dummies send a permissive signal for any missing compartments. For example, in the United States all overfill systems are formatted assuming a six compartment thermistor trailer. Therefore, the terminal controller must receive six permissive sensor signals to allow loading. One dummy can send up to five signals. Consequently a one to five compartment trailer will contain one FT155 dummy (wired to socket). In Canada, where eight channel systems are mandated, two FT155 dummies are needed with one to three compartment trailers and one FT155 for four to seven compartments. The FloTech FT155 thermistor dummy provides instant permissive signal in the coldest weather and is mechanically and electrically compatible with Scully and Civacon models.

  • Blue Socket Caps
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