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  • ContiTech Petroleum Vapor Recovery Hose

    For the recovery of gasoline vapors in tank truck loading at bulk terminals and in tank truck unloading at service stations

    Construction -
    Tube: Transparent Polyurethane
    Cover: Transparent Polyurethane
    Reinforcement: Red rigid Pliovic® helix, with static wire placed between the tube and cover

    Temperature: -30 ºF to 150 ºF (-34 ºC to 66 ºC)

    Hose Assemblies
    We can build hose assemblies in almost any configuration. Hydrostatic certification, banded or crimped ends are available. Please contact our parts department for pricing.

  • TTS Vapor Hose Assy

    For collecting gasoline vapors during loading and unloading of tank vehicles

    Construction -
    Crushproof and non-kinking plastic spiral with smooth interior for maximum flow. No shrinkage under high vacuum. Extremely lightweight and flexible.
    Color - Gray/Black - Non Static Conductive
    Color - Solid Black - Static Conductive Material

    Sold in 50 foot lengths coupled or uncoupled.
    We highly recommend using the TTSCUFF2 hose cuff and the TTSCUFFGLUE on ends when making these hose assemblies.

    Hose Assemblies
    We can build hose assemblies in almost any configuration. Please contact our parts department for pricing not listed.

  • Titan Petroleum Vapor Recovery Hose

    Hose is softwall and will slip over 3 inch or 4 inch pipe and can be used for connection between tank compartment vents on dome lid and turn over rail (3.5), or to connect vapor pipes descending from top of tank truck or trailer (3.5 or 4.5). Nitrile tube will handle gasoline vapors. Durable heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant cover. Better known as Marine Exhaust Hose.

    Construction -
    Tube: Extruded specially compounded Nitrile.
    Reinforcement: Textile.
    Cover: Specially compounded Nitrile.
    Temperature: -40 ºF to +200 ºF.

  • ContiTech Petroleum Hose Cuff (TTSCUFF2)

    Screws onto TTS 2" Special PVC Vapor Recovery Hose. We highly recommend installing with TTSCUFFGLUE. Vapor hose end can then be inserted and banded with one band.

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